Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Curse your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal!

The Rescue

First Doctor  - 11th Serial

2 Episodes, Companions: Ian, Barbara, Vicki (sort of)

Summary: Here we learn of Vicki and Bennett, astronauts from Earth that have crashed on planet Dido.  They are being terrorized by a being known as Koquillion, who will kill them if he learns of their impending rescue.  Koquillion has already killed all of Vicki's crew, leaven Bennett nearly paralyzed and probably dying.  There are, of course still wild beasts, and it's not long before Ian and the Doctor are trapped by one, and Barbara is found by Vicki, which may be the more dangerous position...

The Doctor: He calls for Susan, clearly missing her.  The first companion has left the ship, and already we see that he cares for them.  He also tries to teach Barbara how to use some of the controls.  This is the only planet other than Earth the Doctor has been to since we started watching that the Doctor has seen more than once, although the first visit was not on-screen.  The Doctor is the driving force here, moreso than Barbara and Ian.  He does most of the problem solving.  He is also the one that eventually invites Vicki to join the crew, presumably missing the presence of a young girl.

Companions: Barbara and Ian definitely take a backseat here.  The Doctor takes the investigative lead, as Ian and Barbara accept things at face value.  Their compassion for Vicki keeps them active in the story, as they both try and persuade Vicki not to accept Bennett's surrender to Koquillion. While neither of them shines, I don;t think either one took a step backwards either.

Continuity: I noticed the TARDIS whoosh whoosh sound here for the first time.  Also, a new companion, the first one we have ever seen be invited and go along willingly, joins the crew here.

Rating: Enjoy it.  This one's pretty good.  The story of Bennett and Koquillion is worth the 40 minutes, it's tight, well written, and believable