Friday, February 21, 2014

The First Doctor in Review

Doctor Who 

First Doctor, William Hartnell

29 Serials, Companions: Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Susan, Steven, Katarina, Sara Kingdom, Dodo, Ben, Polly

The Doctor: The first Doctor, viewed across all 29 serials, is the Doctor just as much as any of them will be.  He's beginning to learn to break the rules to save people, and yet he's firm and alien, can be perceived as mean, but always in charge wherever he is.  He knows what's happening wherever he goes, but knowing doesn't keep him form getting swept up in events.

Companions: The women of Who are not just victims of monsters, and the men of Who are not all action heroes or clowns (although Steven Taylor is both!).  We've seen teenagers and Schoolteachers, Astronauts and Secretaries, Sailors and... Dodo Chaplet.  Seriously, what was her job, who was she?  Anyway.  We've lost companions to Daleks, to war, and because they chose to stay behind.

Continuity: The Doctor can freaking Regenerate!  This right here is the thing that's going to define the show as much as the TARDIS itself.  Everything else is just geeks paying attention to details.

Summary:  Overall, there's so many really great moments.  Far more good serials than bad, it's easy to see why the show continued for so long.  

Rating: Enjoy it!  William Hartnell will show you a good time, and sometimes you'll see the faces of the new doctors in the actions of the curmudgeonly grandfather!

Next: We continue Season 4, and Begin the Era of Patrick Troughton and too damn many reconstructions.